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Fall Race Training is Now Open and Accepting Registrations !

Please use this link and select RACE PROGRAMS to register or find out more details and costs. 

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Our learn-to-race programs are for the more experienced and enthusiastic sailors. Things are a little more competitive than in the learn to sail programs. Although the sailors still have a great deal of fun, they are training to compete in local regattas and are aiming to win honors for themselves and the club. Our learn-to-race sailors typically sail for the eight weeks of July and August and will enter regattas at other clubs in places such as Hamilton, Port Credit and Oakville. Regattas are usually held at weekends and a certain level of parental involvement is essential to help with transporting boats to and from events plus participate in other critical team tasks.

Sailing all summer, our race team members make strong friendships and become extremely skilled sailors. It is our hope to one day see one of our sailors graduate to the Canadian Olympic team.

For those who want to race we have two options for different boats depending on size, experience and if the sailor wants to race solo or two-handed.

It is expected that Race Team members own their own boat and intimately know the equipment and rigging on their particular boat. For those who are still considering or find boat ownership impractical, the program has several club boats available for rental. These come with a damage deposit and the student is expected to return the boat in the condition it is received at the start of the program.

For 2023 Opti Race Team Participants

Unfortunately, we have been unable to hire a dedicated Opti Race Team coach for this year. We do however have an additional experienced coach in our core program who will be working with a small group each session throughout the summer in race oriented Optis, with a view to participating in our own Hans Fogh Youth Regatta and perhaps other local racing opportunities. This program will likely be formalized next year into a full fledged Opti Development Team, but this year, given the late start, it will be an extension of our core CANSail program.


With the addition of this new program, and the availability of the Optis normally reserved for our Race Team participants, we have increased the space available in our CanSail1 sessions.


If you have not yet registered for core program slots and are interested in this opportunity, please sign up normally (and ASAP) in either CS1 or CS2 (as appropriate) for the sessions you are interested in. There is a new checkbox available to indicate interest in the Opti Development program when registering. For those that registered before the Opti Development checkbox became available, coaches will also be polling participants for interest at the beginning of each session.


Given the limited number of Optis available and their relative susceptibility to damage, we will be asking coaches to select participants for the Opti Development program based on both and interest and capability. For those with an interest in Opti Development program and racing, but not yet demonstrated ability, we are also planning an Oppi class at our Hans Fogh Regatta this year to make the opportunity available more broadly.


Thank you your continued support, and please accept our apologies for being unable to support a dedicated Opti Race Team this year.


EYC Junior Sail Program Management 

Opti Race

The best way to introduce young sailors to racing is in the Optimist class. 

To join the Optimist racing team a sailor should have passed at least CANSail 1 and be comfortable sailing in a variety of weather conditions. The only restriction on age is that the sailor should be under the age of 16 on 31st December of the year in which he or she is racing. Typically Optimists racers on Lake Ontario are between the ages of 10 and 14 and weigh between 65lbs and 120lbs. Light winds favour the lighter sailors, strong winds favour those who are heavier.

Laser Race

For more experienced sailors who want to continue with single-handed racing the Laser is the boat of choice. The Laser is raced internationally and is an extremely competitive class. To join the Laser racing team a sailor should have passed at least CANSail 3. Typically Laser sailors are aged 13 and up, although younger sailors are seen on the racing circuit it is unusual. The optimal weight for sailing a Laser Radial is between 120lbs and 160lbs.