Learn to Sail

Learn to Sail Sessions are Now Open and Accepting Registrations !

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Learn To Sail

The primary emphasis of our learn-to-sail programs is having fun. Although we deliver the nationally accredited CANSail curriculum and take the sailing instruction seriously, we never forget that this is summer camp focused on the children taking part.

The students learn to launch their boats from our gentle beach securely located inside the yacht club. The younger, more inexperience sailors learn to sail inside our sheltered bay. More experienced sailors in the more advanced courses sail further out into Lake Ontario all under the watchful eyes of our certified instructors. Always with a priority on safety, there are some days when the weather is not suitable for sailing. On “no sail” days or after a day of sailing, our children enjoy a variety of games and other activities on our generous greenspace.

CANSail 1

Suitable for first time or less experienced sailors. This course uses the Oppi sailing dinghy sailor usual sail single-handed, although younger, smaller and lighter sailors may share a boat.

CANSail 2

Suitable for younger sailors who have passed CANSail 1. This course uses the highly rated RS Feva sailing dinghy in a double-handed configuration. As a guideline students should weigh in excess of 85lbs before sailing the Feva. The course is extremely popular and sells out quickly. Interested Opti Race Team candidates should select the Dev Program option during registration. This option will enable introductory training in racing rules and strategies. 

CANSail 3 / CANSail 4

This is a double-handed course for sailors who have passed CANSail 2 and are ready to progress beyond the introductory levels. The course is usually taught in the Club 420 and for safety it is recommended that students should weigh in excess of 100lbs before sailing this larger more complex boat. For lighter sailors it may be possible to complete this session in an RS Feva. To allow sufficient time to develop the skills needed to pass the intermediate levels, CANSail 3/4 courses are only offered as four week session.

CANSail 5 / CANSail 6

We do not offer CANSail 5 and CANSail 6 as learn to sail courses, by the time they have reached this standard most of our keen sailors have joined one of the race teams. In the race teams they work on attaining their sailing qualifications alongside training to race competitively.