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Welcome to our New or Returning Students !

If the first day of your Program is fast approaching, you will probably want to know what to expect.  If you are a returning participants, you are probably well aware of the basic details, but please review this message for new information or to serve as a refresher. 

To keep parents and participants informed with updates, this site and this page contains key information and participation tips, but if you have any other general questions you can always reach us by email at

Once the program has started and if you have more specific questions about your child's performance or experiences, you can talk directly to your child’s Instructor or our Head Instructor or by email 

To further help parents of children attending our camp for the first time we have some useful videos on our You Tube channel.  These include details of how to find us and what to bring to camp. If you are a returning student, please review this email as a refresher. 

Some things to remember

What to bring

Our camp classroom direct phone number is (416)-259-4215