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Welcome to our Students !

If the first day of your Program is fast approaching, you will probably want to know what to expect. If you are a returning participants, you are well aware of the basic details, but please review this message for new information or to serve as a refresher.

To keep parents and participants informed with updates, this site and this page contains key information and participation tips, but if you have any other general questions you can always reach us by email at

Once the program has started and if you have more specific questions about your child's performance or experiences, you can talk directly to your child’s Instructor or our Head Instructor or by email

To further help parents of children attending our camp for the first time we have some useful videos on our You Tube channel. These include details of how to find us and what to bring to camp. If you are a returning student, please review this email as a refresher.

Some things to remember

  • The Gate Code to access club property will be included in your specific program's Welcome Email prior to the start date.

  • Camp Starts at 9:00 am and Finishes at 4:00 pm unless you have sighed up and paid for early drop-off or late pick-up. Early drop-off opens at 8:00am and late pick-up concludes at 5:30pm. Late fees will apply.

  • Upon arrival every day each sailor must be signed in.

  • Sailors 15 or older can sign themselves out at the end of the day and must leave the EYC property immediately as they are no longer being supervised. Younger sailors must be signed out by a parent or guardian.

  • Please drive carefully and respect the 15 kph speed limit on club property at all times. It can be busy at drop off and pick up times with children appearing suddenly out of nowhere.

  • Do not bring cell phones, video games or other valuable items to camp. We are a sailing school with a focus on sailing and electronic devices can be an unwanted distraction while not mixing well with water. The exception is the early drop-off and late pick-up students who should come with suitable materials (a book ?) to occupy their time. We cannot be responsible for any lost or stolen items and there is no secure place to leave valuables while your sailor is on the water.

  • Label everything with your child’s name. Children are often not very good at keeping track of their belongings. Every year we collect large amounts of unclaimed lost property and we don't want you to add to the pile !

What to bring

  • Non–marking soft soled, closed toed shoes. (Crocs are acceptable – but they often fall off in the water and may sink)

  • Lunch – We do not provide it, and there are no food services available. So, pack a lunch suitable for an active child !

  • A Transport Canada approved lifejacket that properly sized and fits well.

  • Casual clothes that can get wet. (man-made fabrics are best)

  • A complete change of warm clothing.

  • A bathing suit.

  • A hat

  • Sunscreen with a rating higher then 30 SPF or higher

  • A large (beach?) towel

  • Sunglasses with safety strap

  • Refillable water bottle – we have a filtered water cooler where sailors can refill them.

  • Face masks (optional)

  • A sense of adventure and a willingness to have fun !

Our camp classroom direct phone number is (416)-259-4215